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Can't click anything!

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Ever since I updated skype to 6.2 which solved the issues that I couldn't log on, now I have an even more annoying problem. The mouse doesn't highlight or click anything. Even on the taskbar bellow (win7). And since skype starts on startup my computers basically stumped. I am writing this message because I clicked on the google chrome button before skype had a chance to come on but if I close this I will have no control again. Ctrl Alt Dlt works but I cannot click anything in the task manager. I've run the laptop in safemode and did a restore but that didn't help either.
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Hi Alphlax,

If you were able to access Chrome, try this:

"Start" -> type "msconfig" in to the search box at the bottom -> select "startup" tab -> disable Skype.

Reboot the computer and then uninstall/reinstall Skype. See how that goes!
You mentioned if you open chrome you can use your PC, until you close it. Are you still able to do that?
Perhaps try go "start" -> "run" before skype starts... then proceed with the following steps.
I would also suggest downloading and creating a bootable rescue disk on another machine (maybe a friend's PC) and then plugging it into yours and booting off it. That will ensure there's no viruses or anything that could have been accidentally inherited during the update.

Here's a suggestion I've used: Avira Rescue System
Thank you for downloading
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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