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Can't boot Vista or get into Safe Mode

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I'm having yet another problem with my new Asus N80 laptop. The second one today! :upset: I tried getting on it a couple of hours ago but instead of booting Vista it took me to a blue screen that said it was performing a memory dump and it gives me suggestions but all I can remember is it telling me to do something in safe mode. Then it restarts, tries to reboot Vista again but just shows me the blue screen yet again. Sometimes it asks if I wanted to boot into safe mode, normal, or whatever. If click normal, or last good conf. it just goes to the blue screen and then starts over. When I choose safe mode, it loads all the core files and what not but instead of entering safe mode it restarts the computer. WHAT DO I DO?!!!:4-dontkno

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Where are your memory dumps.. I could get a mod who specializes in them help you.
It says it's dumping the physical memory. I don't know if that's what your looking for but if not tell me what you need and i'll try and find out.
Eh, can't help you with that - I was going to refer you to a mod.
Well, what else can i do then? If there is any info you need tell me where i can find it and ill let you know.
Well, I don't know. I'll PM a mod that knows this stuff and tell him to get in this thread to help you with this - the only reason I initially posted was to tell you this - LOL
Just PMed the mod, he usually is on everyday so he'll post in a few hours probably. Best of luck.
Ok thanks for the help!
Hi -

Please follow the instructions in the link. Attach your resulting zip files to your next post.

Regards. . .



EDIT: I should have read the entire thread. You can't boot.

You will have to invoke recovery partition (usually F10 during boot-up) or use your Vista DVD to boot and try Windows system restore. If not offered - Vista repair.

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Well, how do i use my Vista CD if i can't get into an area where i start the CD up? No safe mode or anything.
Reset your BIOS.

This might help, also this will definitely help.
It probably would if I knew how to get my keyboard off. Haha. I looked in my user manual but couldn't find it. What should I do?
FN + F7? I know that kills my keypad pretty good.
I meant like remove it from the laptop. I need to get under it to remove the battery.
Oh my God, I'd have no idea. LOL - I'm only good with Windows - Not hardware.
OH, ok. right. lol, sorry.
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