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Cant boot into Windows after case cleaning!

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Okay, so I have another thread going about a whole other issue here:

But along the way a new, I supose more critical, issue arose. I cleaned out my case of dust, re-seated the RAM and applied some fresh heatsink compound (as recommended in the other thread), and now it can't seem to boot into windows in any mode. It gets to "WINDOWS/System32/mup.sys" and it stops. I left it there for a few hours without any progress, so I just shut it down and let it be. I can't figure out what the problem could be. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? I don't know if it's unrelated to the other problem, or if they're some how linked.
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have you made sure that all the cables iside the pc are plugged in properly? something could have become dislodged.
Have you tried 'Last Good Configuration' and 'safe-mode' on the f8 key? (tap f8 from start-up to access the menu) ... if neither options are available, you could try a 'repair boot' from recovery console or a 'repair install' of windows.

No doubt you have double checked the security of all hardware seatings ... try removing all but essential hardware - PCI cards, just one stick of RAM etc ... I see your board has a sophisticated manual set-up on the BIOS for overclocking - try a re-set to default settings.

If you can restart windows try removing all recent security updates and at Start>Run type msconfig and use the diagnostic boot to see if you can establish some stability.

Also, check task manager to see what activity your processor is experiencing when it should be ticking over.

If you can't get a handle on this soon I would be inclined to begin eliminating various probabilities in a systematic way - i.e. do a low level format on the drive using the manufacturer's diagnostic utility, check the drive, and then install windows and initially use only known good drivers to get the system running and then step by step build up the drivers and windows updates. It could be that you have some malware on the drive that is causing this instability - the low level format will clear everything off (usual exceptions apply i.e. the FBI, CIA and Interpol might find something on it)

If your board doesn't have any inbuilt voltage and temperature monitoring system then download speedfan and see if anything seems seriously off track:-

Let us know how you get on.

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