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Cant boot from newly installed sony dvd drive

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I have ubuntu 8.07 running on my computer and i just recently installed a new sony DVD-RW model number: DRU530A I didnt have any software with it because my friend gave it to me.
I want to put vista on my computer but whenever I try to boot from the DVD it just goes right into ubuntu...
AND I changed the boot order in the bios so thats not the problem...
i think its a driver problem but im not sure i couldnt find any drivers that would run on linux....
I dont know what to do..
Any help would be GREAT,
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Shouldn't be a driver issue. Do discs show up fine with the drive while in Ubuntu?

Are you sure the BIOS saved the change to boot order? If the drive works fine as a DVD drive and the boot order is correctly set, it should boot.
Yep disks show up fine... dvd video wont play for some reason it says "cannot read from source" in the movie player.
and yes im sure it saved the boot order i just checked it and the cd-rom is above the hard drive, then removable devices, then floppy....
Does your bootloader show just the cd-rom, or does it show both the cd-rom and the dvd-rom? Or does it make a difference? Because that could be your issue right there.

i dont think it makes a difference but it does only say cd-rom
Ok, when you start your computer, at the loading screen when your computer is running POST, there will be a few keys that you can push depending on your computer. Look on the bottom of screen, for some "F" keys, or possibly the "ESC" key. This will enable the bootloader. From here scroll down to the cd/dvd drive and then hit enter(make sure the Vista disk is in first.) This should force that drive to start first reguardless of what the boot order is. See if this will load Vista. If it doesn't post back what happens.

its a no go.
i did get the boot loader up but when i selected cd-rom it just went right into linux again.
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