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Can't access secure web sites

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Two computers out of about 35 in our company can not access secure web sites. Non secure sites are no problem, but when I try to go to a secure site I get the page can not be displayed message. Ran Adaware and AVG, both clean. Checked Advanced settings in Tools>Internet Options everything looks good. Any suggestions?
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did you try setting to defaults in internet options under advanced tab ? ( just to make sure they are all ok. ) Also try an online scan. Try one of the links below. I would suggest panda in this case.

What is the cipher strength of those 2 computers?
Is it 128 bit?
Help>>>About Internet Explorer>>>2nd line down
Cipher strength is okay

Cipher strength is okay. Any other solutions?
Other browsers don't work

I've tried the suggestions I've found on the web and they haven't fixed my problem. I even tried downloading other browers:Firefox, Netscape and Opera and they can't connect to the internet at all. When I downloaded Netscape I get a "starter" file that connects to the Netscape server and I can't connect to their server. This is acting more like a virus that is blocking the secure sites and preventing me from using other browsers, could that be? I use AVG and it runs clean but I can't connect to their site to update, I ran Cleanup and it did its thing, AdAware doesn't find anything, though I can't connect to update it either, but there has to be a problem of some sort, any new ideas?
Should I reinstall?

Should I try to reinstall the OS? I have IE 6.0 with Service Pack 2 on the computer but can't find that version on the internet to even try to reinstall IE. I can find Service Pack 1 but not 2. HELP!!
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