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can't access my hard drive, requires formating.

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I had a 40gb pata maxtor running my os. I dicided to get a new hard drive(wd 80gb sata) to load my os off of. I stored all the files i need to keep onto my wd 160gb sata drive but now it whants me format it. Computer manegment says its healthy(active).I tried running testdisk, when i got to Rebuild BS it says:

1 * HPFS - NTFS 0 1 1 4866 53 51 78175617 [DRV1_VOL1]

Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged.

[ Quit ]
quit this sector.

If it is damaged is there a way to repair it without loosing my data?
I'm at a loss for what to do next.
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Welcome to TSF. :wave:

Replace the SATA cable.

Run chkdsk:
Right click the drive in "My computer" >> Properties >> Tools >> Check now. Tick both options and click "Start":

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If that doesnt work find out if the problem persists in another machine.
I ended up using getdataback to get my information. When i try using error checking, i click start and it just closes the check disk box. I'm trying to format now.
Did you get your data back?

Run Seatools for DOS to check the drive for mechanical errors.
Yeah i got my data back:smile:. After deleting the old corrupt partition i was able to format the drive. I don't know if its still damaged though, after installing World of Warcraft to it my computer tends to freeze a lot. I uninstalled it but it's still freezes now and then. I don't think the problem is with the hard drive though.:normal: Before i did that I had already moved most of the files back. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help so far this forum has been a great help!
Defragment the drive.

What are the system specifications - CPU, video card, power supply etc?
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