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Can't access My documents after reinstall

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I've reinstalled my XP (I've also deleted the original XP) after several colapses of PC. I had a password on my original XP account and My documents folder was set as a private folder. After reinstall I can't access Documents and settings of my original account. I can see the folder, but I can't enter, move, or delete it. It also shows, that it's empty. But I'm able to enter other original accounts (accounts without passwords and private folders) and those are not empty.


Documents and settings
Me (new account) - ok
Brother (new account) - ok
Father (new account) - ok
Me (original account with password) - can't access, size: 0 MB
Brother (original account, no password) - ok, size: 20 MB
Father (original account, no password) - ok, size: 50 MB

Is there any possibility to enter the folder?

Is that folder realy empty, or my 'new' XP just cam't get know the size of it? :4-dontkno

Please help if u can, many thanks!!! :wink:
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It sounds like you installed Windows XP Home. You need to take ownership of the folder.

1) You will need to login to Windows in Safe Mode with an account that has administrative privledges.
2) Then right click on the Folder and select properties, then the security tab, then click on advanced and the owner tab.
3) Then click your username that you logged on as in Safe Mode and then
select the replace owner on subcontainers and objects.
4) Then click ok and if you receive a message about replacing permissions
select Yes.
5) Then you should have to select Ok again and then you should be able to acess the folder.

It Works !

Thank you so much Worked4me !!! I did everything as u told me and it works. Thank you for smart advice! :wink: :grin: :grin: :laugh:
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