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Canoscan 8800F scanning?

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I just bought the new fast scanner (Canoscan 8800F)
Now I can scan negative-positive films without any problem.
However when I try to scan a color&grey photo's, I always get an error message, that the scanner cannot communicate the
Now, my MBoard: GA/8SIMLH
I reinstall everything from start, but the problem still persist.
Is it possible that my computer cannot cope with this superfast scanner?
Thank's any help.
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Hi, sounds more like a software problem. Are you using the software that came with the scanner? If you are, check the settings of the software or even update the software.
Most certainly I used the software that came with the scanner.
I also rechecked the setup, everything is OK.
But again: when I scan any film - negative or positive - the scanner working
fine, only the photo's create problems.
It seems to me: while I'm scanning films, the scaner working slowly,
but when I scan photo's, the scanner work like a racing car - very fast!
I also cheked any updates -I find none, so far.
Maybe the CanoScan is too good for my slow computer?

Regard: bru18
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