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Canon IP4000 & HP Jet Direct

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Hello all, has anyone attempted to run a Canon IP4000 printer on a HP Jetdirect print server? If so what was the result? We're thinking about getting one but would want it on a print server rather than on any particular PC. Canon have proved unhelpful so far on this.

Many thanks

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Don't think you will get anywhere with the HP JetDirect and a non HP printer.

This was a good question, and I had never attempted to try this configuration.

The only non HP printer I have (out of 7 printers here!) is a Canon i900D. I had a HP JetDirect 310x USB print server sitting around so I tired it out to see what would happen.

First, the JetDirect would not print a config sheet to the Canon i900D when connected via USB.
Second, the JetDirect web interface indicated a "non supported" device connected to it.
Third, I went through the entire installation using the Canon printer driver and had no luck. Test page went to the print spooler, then just stayed in the que.

So from this quick test, looks like it is a no go.

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jetdirect and printers

Thank you for looking into that... I have a 500x series print server - and as yet have not used it with a HP Printer - we've got an Epson Stylus Colour and an OKI laser running on it ok though.

From what I can see so far (after much much more digging through Hp's site) it seems I can use it with any printer other than one using the Windows GDI driver interface. Now to ask Canon if the IP4000 is or is not a GDI printer...

I will post the result here!

Thanks again

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