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I have been looking at portable printers and have settled on the Canon. For use at home I have the Canon ip 4300 and pixma 5000 and am pleased with both of them.
I use the 4300 for photos when I need the odd duplicate at home, however I have the need for a smaller unit to take with me when I travel to remote areas.
So I would like to get a small portable model. I would not be moving it around a lot, simply using it the occasional time when I visit these areas where digital printing is not always easily available.

I looked at the Selphy 740 which is at a good price of $99 cdn, however have found that the paper needs to be handled very carefully or one will get blotches on it on the final print in areas where the hands have touched and also the dye sublimation also really needs to insure a dust free environment as well.
Not that I would be using it in a dusty area, however I would prefer to be safe than sorry and so I am considering the ES1 however I can't seem to find user comments???
I have read reviews which indicate that the printer is a tad slow b/c of the way the film transfers ink onto the paper at a 90 degree angle and also there were comments that the printer did not do pictures from a computer very well and finally that flesh tones were often on the pinkish side??
Does anyone here have comments on the ES1?
The film and paper are in a cartridge behind a door and so are not as sensitive to the touch of the hands as the paper of the Selphy 740 is.
I would appreciate comments before I buy it.
The price has dropped b/c the ES2 is now out.
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