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Cannot stream video

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Good day...

My apololgies if Im not in the correct thread.. I really dont know where could I post this issue.

Im having some issue in viewing/streaming videos in net. I could get 1.2mbps on my broadband speed. I could go to any other website but when I go to any website such as youtube to watch a video it just keeps on buffering even for a 1minute clip. I tried to clear all the browsing history but nothing happend. I also tried to reset the IE back to default. I tried downloading a different browser (google chrome) thinking that this is a browser issue since I could get a good speed. Here in manila they could only offer up until 2mbps only by the way....

Im using a desktop, windows vista.

Hoping for your help...


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You also need to chack the quality of the line, not just the speed - I have a good quality line and when i was on a 2mbps line, certain sites would often buffer

I tried to ran a test at and having the same average speed result. Hmm.. would an anti virus affect my connection? Because before I install my anti virus the bb was working fine. I tried to turn off the firewall of the anti virus but nothing happends.. =(

Hmm.. would an anti virus affect my connection?
Yes, has been know to
whats the antivirus you have - two antivirus programs running at same time can cause lots of issues as well
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