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Cannot See Full Internet Pages - Text Overlapping

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Hi there everyone,

Please any help would be fantastic. I am having problems with my computer at work. In trying to get into our extranet system, my computer seems to overlap the side-menu with the recent updates info it publishes reguarly and should be on the right side of the page - meaning the only way I can access the menu stuff is by manually going into source and copying the link texts to put into the browser.


I've altered my screen resolution to the highest possible - and still no success.

Here's what happens:

When I log in and am directed to the homepage, there is supposed to be a menu list on the left and any "new news" is always published on the right. For some reason when I log in, the menu is covered over by this material that is supposed to be on the right.

The page menu itself is still there under the published material but can't be seen or accessed (I can only access it by using source and copying/pasting the appropriate http:// lines to my address bar.

The menu should appear on each of the other pages, but doesn't as it is overlapped by the material on these pages.

It works perfectly fine on my colleagues' computers, so can only put it down to something wrong on my computer.

I've noticed this same effect happens on a few other websites too, not just my work's extranet. The published pages overlap the main menus.


Many thanks

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Try going up to TOOLS>Internet Options and delete cookies and files and then on the programs tab click on Re-set Websettings

If you have a windows CD put it in a drive and at Start>Run type sfc /scannow followed by Enter key - this will replace any damaged or missing IE files.

Also, try running some scans for malware:-

If you are able to use another browser check to see if things work ok with Firefox or Opera?

Let us know how things go.

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