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Cannot read burned Cd's

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Yesterday my computer was on all day and for some reason burned CD's of an anime show i had was working so i was watching it all last night but this morning i tried to open the CD from My computer (right click then open) and it showed no Files in it so i took the CD out and put it back in and my computer froze.
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Hi Gyatsuikan and welcome to TSF:wave:

Does your computer show anyother problems? Is your computer a desktop or laptop?

Look in the Device Manager and see if there are any yellow marks by your CD/DVD devices branch. That would indicate the device driver is bad or corrupted. Expand the branch and see if the CD drive is shown there.

Have your ran your virus and spyware programs lately? It could be a malware problem. If you are not already using these, download and run SpyBot Search & Destroy and SuperAntiSpyware. Both are very good.


Answer back any questions or clarifications.

Best regards,
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Well i am using a custom desktop currently

i checked the device manager i see no yellow marks next to my drivers

and i already had Super Antispyware and i did scans every so often i am currently doing a full system scan right now which shouldn't take long

I got the CD's from a friend and they work fine on his computer but i cant see the files for some reason and it was working last night so i thought maybe i did something to make it work but i guess not and im wondering what that thing was because i got these CD's or acually DvD's from him a few months ago and they didnt work then either.

Hope you can help :)
It really depends on what type of CDs you use. -R/W, +R/W, R/W, -+RW, all different things. Your drive can only use certain types, is what I'm thinking. So what I'm thinking is you're using an incompatible type of CD. I don't know what to tell you, except for to find out what CDs your drive can read and make a CD using the compatible type.

It could also be driver problems. On my old computer, I couldn't use the drives because I couldn't find the drivers. Make sure you have up to date drivers for the drives. It may not show in the drivers and utilities that there is anything missing. So I'd google a driver download for your specific type of drive.

Good Luck,
I sometimes had problems reading disks that had been burnt on my Lite-on dvdrw on my old sys... but only with the same drive, other drives read them fine (I think the drive was slowly dieing after years of abuse). Try a diffferent drive if you have one?

I've never had any problems with my Samsung DVDRW on a SATA connection...

Another possibility is the firmware on the drive could need updating.
Well i dont know if this Helps

Im using a NU DvDRW DDW-082 CD/Dvd drive and the cd im using is a DvD-r 16x
i dont know if this helps but

im using a NU DvDRW DDW-082 DvD/Cd drive and the cd is a dvd-r 16x
oops i posted twice for some reason it didn't show
What type of CDs were the ones that worked?
They are the same cd's they just mysteriously worked :(

Im just confused because they should not have worked because when i got them like 4 months ago they were not working and i was bored last night so i tryed them again and it somehow read the files so i watched 15 out of 25 episodes and went to bed and this morning i was going to watch more but I could not read the files anymore.

Sounds weird
My Anti Virus just stopped scanning and found a few threats so im going to try the dvd again and im expecting my computer to freeze again.

Could it be possible that a program that i am running is preventing me from seeing the files?

Or could it be that my Driver is not compatible with the Dvd but im massively confused and kinda new on this stuff.
Then it's either a virus, your drives, or an unclean cd.
Check the drivers for your CD drives and make sure they are working properly.
Check and quarantine any viruses you detect.
Clean CD and make sure there is few scratches and little residue.
As Expected it did freeze again
The cd's are in Mint condition
Quarantined all viruses
Every other CD i try works on it its just these burned ones i have don't work
What can i do to check if the CD drivers are working properly. Troubleshoot?
They're probably up to date if you can run other CDs.
Maybe the content was burned wrong or something.
I'd just re-burn the CD and try again.
Ok thanks for the help ill contact my friend to maybe burn on a different dvd its just that i dont understand why they worked last night and not today thats my problem it makes no sense lol.

Well acually It working and not working is both my problem.

Thanks anyways :)

I will keep checking this forum if anyone has any suggestions.
What software are you using to burn the disks?
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