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Cannot Install Service Pack 2

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I was having problems with a video game crashing constantly, for on apparent reason, even though all my drivers are updated, I have win XP SP1, and so i thought about updating my computer perhaps then the error will stop. But every time i go to windows update website and download SP2, it says "failed" and doesnt work when it is "updating" that is, while its downloading... you know the little program comes up and starts making some lists and checks config, then starts downloading, but it fails... at the first thing...
I scanned my computer with F-secure anti-virus, and i have used SpyBot S&D just incase, and fixed all problems and the backweb whatever problems...

Heres the error in my Windows Update.log:
{7477AF62-8F9B-4F32-9DAF-7AB452E52396} 124 87ff00b6 MicrosoftUpdate Failure Content Install Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x87ff00b6: Windows XP Service Pack 2.

I searched this forum and windows update site for the error code, but it seems microsoft has no error like that. I also sent them a support asking for an email response, and they haven't emailed me back at all..

87ff00b6 this error seems to happen.
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You can download the file first then install, more reliable than an internet update. Also, this way you can burn the file to CD and have available for future use. You can also order the CD from ms.

The full download is big (273Meg) so I suggest using a download manager, (see Fresh Download link below).

it said failed to install..
Can we assume this is a legal copy of Windows XP and not a copy from a friend or another PC?
yea its legal, original Windows Home Edition... but i dont remember if i did that activation thing...
OK, just checking.....

There is a decent troubleshooter off the Windows Update site:
I looked at all that before too.
I tried searching for the error code, and no info, whiuch is retarded, because why would u have a search box if there isn't a list of all the error codes and what they do and possible solutions... so the microsoft site is CRAP.
I tried searching for SP 2 with very little info as result.
I tried looking into WinXP and WinUpdate trouble shooting, and found nothing that matches my problem.
I tried emailing them twice, with their support page, they said they would send me an email, they sent me an auto-response email saying someone would email me in 1 business day, but its been 3 business days.... and no emails...
I tried using Ad-aware incase it was a virus, in safe mode, and deleted 66 objects,
I tried SpyBot S&D and i deleted everything including the BackWeb crap, and now i get a runtime-error when i restart my comp, and my internet is slowed down.
I tried using Panda Anti-Virus 2005 and found about 10 infected files, and i removed those.
I tried updating my drivers.
I still crash when i open my game, and i STILL cannot install SP 2.

The only hope i see is if i reformat or reinstall Win Xp... which is stupid since i have 60GBs of files and programs.
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ok then
with the history you had or have with infected files .. it might be wise to run a hyjack log and see that your system is truly clean
read this post

let us know
Have u tried emptying the c:\windows\temp folder??
dont delete folder but clear all the contents and the empty recycle bin.
try install sp2.
let us know when your hyjack log is posted :sayyes:
yea i posted it... sorry i suck at getting a link, just go to Hijack this section its in the first 10 probably... :p
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