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cannot forward emails

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i have two computers, a dell pc and a dell laptop. i use windows 2000 and yahoo for mail. about two weeks ago both computers stopped forwarding emails. i click on forward then select the email address and then click on insert names. at that poing my computer stops doing anything. i understand this problem is in yahoo software, but what can i do about it.
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If you are certain the problem is in Yahoo, then you may want to uninstall it, then re-install it. It may work, then again it may not. I'm doubting there is a program conflict but it's possible. I'm using yahoo messenger and outlook express for my mail and messenger service and I'm not having any trouble. It's easy enough to download Yahoo again and not have any trouble with a new install. Also check the apps in your background and make sure you aren't having an application running 2 and 3 times when you only need one of them. The Ypager (Yahoo pager) is notorious for this.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention this. I had a problem once with my Active scripting settings, that for some reason, prevented me from viewing certain pages within yahoo. I have no idea why since Yahoo doesn't rely heavily on the JavaScript but it did. If you are using Yahoo exclusively for your mail then you may want to consider another service. Hotmail, Bigfoot, and several others offer free internet email services. What else is running when you're doing this. Firewalls? Real-time virus scanners?
thanks swatshark:
i will check out all the things you suggest. i still have the problem and have contacted yahoo support. the first time the sent me a form letter, but the second time i contacted them, they recommended i sign up for yahoo delivers. yahoo delivers is a premium service that forwards your email automatically. i really do not want this service. i like yahoo mail, its easy to use and do not want to change my user id. however it may come down to that. i am not really computer savy, so i have to take it one step at a time.
thanks for you help
Don't be conned into signing up (and probably paying ) for a premium service when you don't need one. That is unless you just want one. There are too many people using Yahoo mail that aren't having any trouble for you to have to spend money to get yours to work. Try a few low level tweaks before doing so. I've never used yahoo's support so I can't comment on it, but I do know that you don't need to pay anything to get your email to work. At the very least there are other free internet email companies that would love to have you sign up to sit by and be held hostage by something that doesn't work. Check your background activities and look around for some free memory managers. It's amazing what freeing up some of your RAM can do. Try they have a good selection of several products. Try them if you want to. I have used some of them and the one I'm using right now (RAM Boost) seems to be working fairly well. If you aren't having a program conflict then start looking at your RAM. Be sure to check those background applications and disable the ones you don't use, or need. You'll be amazed at how many things are running that you never use, but that load at startup.
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