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I am running win 95 on another pc. I tried to reinstall my modem due to dropped connections when connecting to my ISP..Took several attempts to install. Now when I tried connecting to my ISP i am getting error msg "cannot detect Modem" though the modem is listed under Modem Does anyone out there know the link to update the drivers for us robotics 56k voice host int. or any clue how to fix this problem

Take a look here and see if you can find a driver for your model number....:D

Then you can try this.

If you have a PS/2 mouse and your not using com1 and com2 do the following in safe mode.
Remove the modem from device manager.
And while your there remove com1 and com2 also.
Remove the modem.
Boot up.
Go into the bios and disabling com1 and com2.
Save and reboot.
Check device manager to make sure removed items are not there.
Install the modem.
Boot in normal mode up and install the driver when prompted.
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