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Cannot connect to the internet

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Hey, I'm currently using a Compaq Presario SR5710F Desktop PC which was running on Windows Vista Home Premium and recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. Recently my internet crashed, which unable me from connecting to the internet. Wireless connections work fine except for my computer so I figured its not the modem/router problem as how they were synced and working on other computers. I've been wondering if it was a driver issue, like my driver couldnt detect the internet due to the upgrade to windows 7. Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks for the support!
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Open Device Manager and post any device errors.

If there are any driver error you can obtain the drivers from the manufacturer.

Compaq Presario SR5710F
Umm..I'm pretty new at this, but how do I check for any device errors?
Umm..I'm pretty new at this, but how do I check for any device errors? I'm sorry if I may sound stupid but I really have no clue :tongue:
Click the Start > right-click Computer > select Manage >select Device Manager

Once Device Manager opens post any drivers errors.
No drivers errors to be found, just to make sure if I'm doing this correctly how do you check the errors once your in Device Manager. I ran though some checks inside the "Computer" and they all seemed to be up-to date, etc.

What is the "name and model number" of the wireless adapter you are trying to use on Windows 7 Ultimate?

Have you also tried running the driver installation in compatible mode? from my experiences you will probably need to.
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