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Cannot connect to network drive through VPN

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In my office I have set up a NAS server which is connected to a Netgear VPN router. When I try to connect remotely I can open the VPN tunnel but when I try to access the network drive, it says the network path cannot be found. Please can somebody advise how I can resolve this issue?
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There are two kinds of vpn routers. One that has a vpn client which authenicates to the vpn router and one that is vpn passthrough which means you need a vpn server on the other side.

Which are you doing?

When you do the vpn do you get a office ip address?

When you say you are accessing via network drive do you mean drive letter?
Have you tried \\nasname\sharename?
Great so you are getting a local to the lan ip address.

Usually a mapping is in the form \\ipaddress\sharename

if you know the administrator account password you could do \\ipaddress\c$ which is the admin share

if you have issues with that first start with ping when you are vpned in
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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