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Evening all,

I'm a newbee so forgive my clumsy diction !

Recently signed up with Commission Junction (Affiliate Agent) and was delighted to be accepted by Booksonline (advertiser) amongst others.
For first few days, all was well. A link from my website worked great and I had several search marketing ads (google ad words) running fine. Then from Wednesday last (Nov 14th) I couldn't see the landing pages for ANY of my Booksonline links ! Every time I try to connect I get error message "The connection was reset ....
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" and something similar in I.explorer.

I get same problems when I try to log onto these sites with my lap top which is networked to my PC.

However, others can see my links OK ! (have a look at

My ISP ( insist all is well from their end (nothing blocked or switched off).

Commission Junction insist my account with Booksonline is active and nothing is a miss there either (other Comm Junction links are working fine).

My research on the net has uncovered 2 possible solutions:

1. I have (unknownly) installed an ad blocker eg "super trick" which is blocking certain Comm Junction servers (eg If this is the case, I am at a loss as to when this happened as I have not installed new software (knowingly) for weeks and how to remove it. I have tried "roll back" (XP) several times to no avail.

2. A programme has added Comm Junction links to a "blocked" list in my "hosts" file in Windows. I have triple checked this and there is nothing there.

Has anyone out there ever had a similar problem and what would you suggest ?

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