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Cannot Boot

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Computer froze last night and I had to hard reboot, then it got stuck on the XP loading screen so I attempted another hard reboot (after about 10 minutes of load screen) So of course on the third try it asked if I wanted to boot in safe mode. After trying all the options (safemode, start windows normally etc) I get the same blue screen with the following message every single time.

Problem detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to the computer.


tech info:

*** stop: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFFFEC, 0x00000000, 0xF86D132E, 0x00000000)

I've tried restoring my bios which hasn't worked and it also won't let me boot from a floppy. Any advice at all would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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Welcome Laetcya...................:D

I would try booting to your Windows XP CD and doing a fast repair when prompted.

The message didn't have anything about authority listed in it anywhere did it?
I tried to boot from my windows CD, from a regular boot disk and from a win98 boot disk and each time it says loading DOS (or nothing at all) and gets stuck on a black screen with a non-blinking cursor.

Thanks for that though. Any other suggestions?

If you can get into the bios change the boot sequence to boot from CD first and then try booting to the XP CD.

try turning off the fast memory check, and see if it will do a full test...

sounds some like memory has died...

It won't boot from the windows xp cd - and I've turned off everything I can think of in the bios to no avail. I'm at my wits end and thinking there's nothing I can do <sigh>

Thank you all very much though for taking the time to make suggestions. The fixes I've found assume I can get into windows or DOs and Ic an do neither. The only thing I can get to is the setup screen and I dunno what else to fiddle with in there.

Well you can try clearing the CMOS. If you have the manual for the motherboard it will show you how to do this.

Three assumptions.

1 - you are using memory which is too fast for the machine. PC133 on a board which accepts PC100

2 - Your hard drive is going bad

3 - Your hard drive has gone bad.

Check your memory, there could also be a possibility of a bad simm. Run a scandisk on your hard drive. You could download Hiren's Boot CD which will provide you with helpful scanning tools.

that last statement was really odd.

it hasnt been my experience that a bad hard disk can stop a machine from booting from a cd, unless the circuit board on that drive has burned out. (which happens to about 1 out of 1,000,000 hard disks)

but, just for giggles, i suppose unplugging the hard disk cables and then seeing if you can get it to boot from a cd.

not that i think it will matter....

really sounds to me like it is a bad mem stick, or possibly a cpu that was clocked past its max.

and from what i read at the MS site for 2k, it says that this is a common error line. (and that it pertains to ram, not hard disk)

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My reference was toward the error message which was given under the first post of this thread.

again i mention that all the sites, (including windows 2k's own site) seem to think this is a memory error, limited to a stick of ram, not a hard disk.

i'll go and get the info that they had, so i dont look like a f***ing fool.

Pooped on

Again, my post was not a factual answer but an opinion of a possible problem. I am not trying to make anyone look like a fool, just stating where my "really odd" reply came from.

We purchased at least 40 compaq machines which most have given us similar errors the user is getting. Every single one had a bad hard drive. That is were I got my assumption from. I am not always correct. I did mention something about memory as well for a possibility.

No need to fuss, I joined this forum to see if I could help not to start an argument.
No need to fuss, I joined this forum to see if I could help not to start an argument.

:D :D :D that is what spouses are for:D :D :D

after spending some serious time on the phone talking someone's ear off, this is what i am told....

that particular error message applies to memory.

but i seem to have been sent to an incomplete page, and it further goes to say that it can also apply to page file settings on the hard discs.

so, if the user has set a page file (which i am sure anyone would do if they had less than 1024 megs of ram, although i dont use one) then it can also display this message.

although, it doesnt always point out a bad disk, that may be a place to start.

you may try running the most thorough scanner you can and check the physical integrity of the hard disks.

or even try unplugging the hard disks, and see if that helps any.

but when i mentioned that this user cannot get it to boot even from a cd, the support person i was babbling at asked if this user knew how to make it boot from cd. (i said yes) i was then told that if a machine gets far enough to begin reading the CD, then it isnt going to start to use the page file.

so it seems to me that the page fault may not be a hard disk error, but a ram problem.
(which is sort of what i read at first)


`Nuff Said.

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