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Can someone pls help me?

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i just got a new Geeforce2 yesterday
3D Prophet 2 series
and each time i load up windows i get the message
Hercules Viedo device ID not found 152
what does that mean?
also when i serf the web now each time i click on something it takes like 10 seconds before it seems to start doing anything even tabing to a different section takes forever now
can anyone pls help me?
thanks alot Cyber
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Welcome Cyberhound! It sounds as if Windows is still looking for your old video card, so I'd start it up in Safe Mode, pull up Device Manager, click on Display Adapters, and delete all adapters listed under there. Exit, restart Windows and let it redetect the card. This may also be causing a conflict that is bogging your system down as well. Give us more details if possible.
Also video and lan might be sharing the same irq messing up the net.
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