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can someone please help me out here?

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does anyone know how I can view the contents of .dat files on my computer?
to be a bit more specific i want to be able to read the .dat files that are in the yahoo messenger service on our computer.

any insight would be greatly apreciated.

thank you in advance.
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Have you tried opening them with notepad? or Wordpad?

Depending on if the information is in raw or formated code you might be able to view them in either editor.
I have tried with notepad & wordpad & unfortunatley the information is encoded.

I was told that a program called spider 1.16 would work but I haven't had any success.
Ok, this program will let you view .dat files, I just downloaded it and tried it out ... so I really don't know to much about it beyond the fact that: It reads .dat files & is Virus Free :D

Worked ok on my XP machine and says it works on all versions of Windows you might want to take a look.
They are usually not ment to be user readable data. They are usually ment so only the program can read them you may try a hex editor but beware if you do that dont change anything unless you know what you are doing could potential screw up the whole program
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