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I recently got a virus on my system(my fault) and had to reformat my hard drive. I've managed to reinstall all my software and the system is almost as it was before the format.
The one major concern that I'm having is that my computer is running verrrrrrrrry sloooooooow.
I have a.....
P4 1.7Gig
512 megs DDR
2x20gig hard drives
Geforce2 MX400 64 meg
Sound Blaster Live

I've tried a bunch of tuning tips as well as the usual defrag and clean and they seem to help some, but it's not running anywhere near as fast as it did before the reformat.
Does anyone have any apps or tips to where I might be able to look next in my search to find out what's slowing my system down.
It's slow enough that when I start an app, say.... Messenger, that I feel as if I'm back on my old P3 500Mhz Emachine starter.

EDITED 1/25/03/10:11 pm
I open task manager in order to see what processes that are running.
To my suprise, I have a process running that is using 99% of the cpu. It's Image Name is hpztsb03.exe.
Does anyone recognize this process and if so what does it do? Why is it using 99% of the cpu?
I'm about to shut it down and hope that it doesn't fry something.
Wish me luck.

EDITED 1/25/03/10:18 pm

Woooo Hooooooo
Whatever that process was for, shutting it down fixed the problem. I can switch back and forth between apps and even have a game running in the background as I type this. No noticeable slow down whatsoever. It might be too soon to celebrate, but I'm thrilled. At least now I can bring my system back if it happens after the next reboot.
Still need to now what that process is and what it's for, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd be pleased to hear them.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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