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Can som 1 help me plz?

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Does anyone kno where i can get the drivers off

ASUS P4SD motherboard? :rolleyes:

I search everywhere but i cant find any drivers for it :4-dontkno

I cant use my cd that i got with it anymore caus it has to much damage on it :sad:

can som 1 plz give me the link or som for the drivers? :cool:
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Asus has a P4SDR-VM and a P4SDX listed on their support web site.
yea i kno but ne off tho's drivers work on it :4-dontkno

ive search everywhere but no luck....

i dont get it caus on the motherboard is only standing

P4SD not P4SDR-VM or P4SDX because then that would be on the motherboard

but the only thing there is standing on it is P4SD behind that other sticker next to HP engineering is nothing no R-VM or X or VX nothing just P4SD

This is a pritty new type off motherboard also

caus it has 1 gig lan onboard and s-ata....

there much be a driver for it right? :rolleyes: :dead:
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So what model HP PC did this come out of and have you checked their support web site for the drivers you seek?

Google the terms P4SD and HP......there are many links to check.
yea there are many links but all chinees and such i cant read that :4-dontkno
and there are no drivers on the hp site for the pc thats the thing i find most strange :rolleyes:
I saw one link in Chinese.......???

So what model HP is/was it?
No im sorry thats not the 1

the name is not standing on the pc or somthing i have him for almost 6 months

i lost the guide and such caus i never use it only got a non working cd :(

never had any reall problems with it just wanted to reinstall windows only

now the drivers are gone :dead:

and that P4SD LA has 10/100mbits lan mine has 1000mbits lan and s-ata
This type off hp has also the P4SD but still cant find any drivers :4-dontkno

HP Evo d530


P4SD Socket478, i865G, DDR400+, FSB800, ATA133, SATA, AGP 8x, Video, Sound, LAN1000
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