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Can only file share if i create 2 identical accounts

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I have 2 pc's both running Windows Xp Pro.
i have been trying to set up a basic network so i could share files/printers
How i have it set up at the minute is each computer connects directly to a router (wired NOT wireless).
I have ran the network wizard loads of times on both pc's aswell as the following things:
Enabled guest account
Enabled Netbios over tcp/ip
Installed the NetBeui Protocol
Re-installed the file/printer sharing service
Installed NWlink ipx protocol
Disabled Simple file sharing
and other things
and when i had done all this i could access from one pc to the other but not the other direction.
So i read somewhere about creating identical accounts on both pcs with the same password which i did and i signed into both and could connect straight away in both directions.
But the thing is i can't keep these accounts as all my stuffs on the other accounts so how can i set it up with the main accounts i have
Thanks for any help
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Can both computes "see" eachother on the network? As in do they appear in the "My Network Places"? Are they in the same workgroup?
The identical accounts don't have to be logged into for it to work, those accounts just have to exist on each machine.
are the duplicate accounts really necessary?...that doesn't seem very efficient.
Welcome to Windows permissions. :smile: As DVOM says, all you need is an account with the permission to access the resources you want to share.
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