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can not flush or view cache off dns resolver

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I have been setting up an xp network with my computer with the wizard off xp, it always worked that way untill now.

I got problems with accessing my cache from the dns-resolver

*if i try to repare a connection it always displays an error : "cant remove cache off dns-resolver"

*if i try to acces the dns cache with dos (commands like ipconfig/displaydns ; ipconfig/registerdns or ipconfig/flushdns) but i cant acces or perform none off these commands

*and when i check my logbook - in control panel/computermanagement/logbook (i have a dutch version so i dont know if the names i use are the right ones) -it displays that my server didnt register with DCOM in time

i hope this is enough info and that somebody out there has a solution for this problem

thx for reading this :D
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Need more information...

What kind of network are you running???

Static IP's DHCP?

Are you running NAT?

Are you running Windows Internet Connection Sharing?

How many computers?

What OS's?

Dial-up? Cable? DSL? ISDN? T1/T3? OC?

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