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Can load Win ME or lower - Cant load Win2k or XP???

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I just built a computer. It has an Epox MB, Athlon XP 1700 cpu, 60 GB 7200 rpm Maxtor HD, and 256 MB DDR RAM.

I have the setup floppies for both Win2K and XP. I load them and at the end it prompts me for the OS CD. I put it in the drive and press the enter button as directed and then.........NOTHING! No CD-ROM activity. This happends with both 2k and XP.

Now........I can load Win ME or lower just fine. I start the computer with a WIN98 setup floppy and choose the "start w/ cd rom support" option and then select the appropriate drive and run setup........all goes fine. After the works great.......but still wont take an upgrade to 2K or XP!!??

I have no idea whats going on here...........I've built several computers and have never encountered this before!

Any help is appreciated!!!
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I've been getting a lot of suggestions reference setting the bios to boot to cd rom first. With a fresh or formatted will the cd rom be able to read with no driver?
Go into your bios and set the boot order to boot to the CD-ROM first. Insert either the Windows 2000 or Windows XP CD-ROM. (Whichever you prefer.) Reboot the machine. When you are prompted to “press any key to boot from CD-ROM”, press any key. You don’t need to worry about whether your hard drive has been freshly formatted as you can create/remove partitions and format as needed from Windows 2000/XP setup.
if you use a boot disk does it have CD drom support ??

if not check out...

can you change to the cd rom and read the XP -2000 CD...


C:> D:
D:> dir

you should get a bunch of files and folder....If the CD rom isnt changing...or if your getting errors that would help in the diagnosis...

are the XP and 2000 cd store bought or ripped copies???
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