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Can i make a BIOS cd?

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i talked to hp technican about my wifi issue, he says my computer is not showing that there is a wireless adapter in the computer which should be and said to update my bios. but you have to put it on a floopy disk, theres one problem.... i dont have a floppy driver in my laptop! i think those were outdated like 523423 years ago!!! anyway how would i do this? cant i just make a bIOs cd to do the same thing?
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Logically you should be able to do it exactly the same way as a floppy, except save the files to CD rather than floppy, then at the commend prompts instead of using A:\ as the starting address use whatever your rom drive is called, eg D:\ ? depends how many drives you have, but for safety wait for other thoughts and maybe give us the motherboard model and we can see if they have any suggestions, some boards can do live updates from the desktop, but we wont know until you tell us what you have, hope this helps a bit.
well thing is i got the program from the HP people but it trys to write the files itself to a floppy its cmd prompt program and it tells you to put a floppy in so it can write files in... so i dont know how i can even get the files to get on CD or where to start with that mess. thanks for your input.
Well if you give us the model number we can have a look, I have a theory but would like to check it out first to be safe.
Oh sorry,
model NO:

its HP pavilion 4200 series.
OK well your spoilt for choice lol, you can use any of the above info that the pro's have mentioned, or you can get a version to use from windows, but you have to be certain you have the correct model, they give a >>>Warning<<< about laptops and how to identify them, they have a >>>Diagnostic Walk Through<<< if you haven't seen that yet, might be worth a look see for you.
Otherwise you can use the >>>Windows-Based<<< version using the details you gave above, hope that helps.
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