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Can I have in total 2 gigs of ram on Compaq dx5150 ?

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Can I have in total 2 gigs of PC3200 ram on Compaq dx5150 ?

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There are 4 slots for ram memory on my computer.
I have 2 (512 mbs.) of ram on 2 different slot at the moment.

I wish to just get 1 gig ram put it on the 3rd slot and leave the last slot empty.

Will that work for a total of 2 gigs. ram for my p.c.?

Can't afford to buy more memory.

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you can do what you want but you will have better performance if ram is in pairs.
Mixing RAM brands/specs can also cause problems. My best suggestion would be to save your money until you can get a matched pair of 2X1GB sticks.
You can find better prices on RAM that what's on the Crucial recommendation page. I recently bought 4 GB DDR3 on - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, HDTV, Electronics and Cameras! for about the same price they quoted you for 1.5 GB.
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