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Can anyone help me configure my BT Voyager 2100 for Xbox Live?

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I have been trying to configue my router so it will work better on Live, At the moment i get Network problems with almost everyone on my Friends list who has BT Broadband, some of my friends who have a Voyager 205 have fixed this by setting a DMZ host. But for some reason a DMZ host doesn't seem to work for me Sad

Is there anyway i can connect to other people who use BT?

I have a BT Voyager 2100
I have 2 Xbox's running off the same router
And my sister has a wireless Laptop Card so she has access to the internet too.

Thanks in advance.
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Well, you can only put one device in the DMZ, so you'll have to solve the problem for at least one of them.

Why doesn't the DMZ work for at least one of the XBOX units?
Are you sure you're configuring the DMZ correctly and it's actually addressing the XBOX? I think I'd try sorting that out first, because something is not right there.
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