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Can and How do I make my XP Desktop A Web Server

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if and how i could make my desktop a web server

can you lead me thru the path to setting up an (IIS) ?? my friend told me

and how do i get a domain name?
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if you have XP Pro this will help you get IIS set up
If using XP Home you will have to use a third party, ie Apache,Xitami or something
to get your domain name you need to use a Domain Name registrar, search the web there are lots of them out there,
Just seen your OS is vista :rolleyes: same way as xp though
is there someway u can get a custom extension

like .wc3 or .site or .wow
you mean the Top Level Domain ?, if so you do have a choice but not to the extent you mean
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