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Call of Duty 4 Lag

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i have install COD4 and its running very slow i dont know wats the problem
i have
Windows Xp SP3
Pentium 4 dual core 2.8
HDD 2 X 250GB
Video card Geforce 9400GT

when i go to the site can u run it every yes i pass with more than minimum requirements but its saying update video card driver an i have the latest driver stil running slow :4-dontkno
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Hi Jahson.
What frame rates are you getting? You can use Fraps to check this, just have Fraps running when you start the game and you should see an indicator at the top of the screen.
Also, what settings are you running the game at?
Lastly what driver version are you using?
Hello, I have a Geforce 9400 GT myself, and I can run COD WAW which is built on an enhanced version of the COD 4 engine, I can run COD WAW at 800 x 600 with all high settings and I get 35 to 39 fps
if you have 2 RAM sticks try to remove one of them and try the game with only one stick
do you have any other new and demanding games?
Another way to check what FPS you are getting is to type "/cg_drawfps 1" Into the console.
do u lag on single player or multiplayer? if its multiplayer then its a internet problem, also floop way might not work.(happens to me on my bros vista comp) console wont open, but your xp so the console might work. your best bet is fraps(like tiber said) or you can use xfire and its video recorder can check fps too.
well i just found out 2day that my MB had a fault but i have change it an i install it again but i cant creat a profile this game stressing me start up smooth but wen i try to create a profile it keep going back the the main window
So you're going to send a away for a new motherboard?

COD 4 isn't like COD WaW, it is a very stable game and should run fine but you probably need to run it on a lower resolution.
oh right!
what resolution are you running the game?
don't try 1024 x 768 and medium settings, cause that card can't handle more than that for the new games
a 9400GT is a low end card, its not meant for high resoltions, you should just barely be able to play games with it.
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