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Calendar for website

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Hello. I am looking for some way to get a calendar on a website. I don't want random people viewing the site to be able to edit anything or to do anything with it. I only want to have the calendar and then I can add events and when they either put their mouse over a day/event or click a day/event then it shows the information about that event. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks guys!
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One really easy way to implement it is by using google Calendar - which can be imbedded into your site

Firstly you need to get an account on Google Calendars - HERE

Then, after setting up the calendar as you want, heres a link on how to imbedd it onto your site

Hope that satisfies your needs for your site, if not, post back and i'l have another look.
I was looking at that, and correct me if I am wrong, but if you do that, doesn't that allow any random person to mark themselves as attending and invite others to the event? Let me know. Again, I don't want anyone to be able to do anything but view the event details.
in the past, my sites had calendars but I used remoted hosted ones that did what you want. See the following

you can also setup your own scripts, theres both cgi and php scripts in the following link.
You will also find a number of free cgi calender scripts at the URL below:

We have referred our customers to them with a lot of success for years.
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