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cable modem

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I am having troubles with my cable modem. WELL not real trouble but when i check my e-mail and want to reply, it will NEVER let me send anything out. AS if its being blocked by somthing. Why can i get mail but never send out. I use the typical yahoo mail and hotmail and it does it for both. I called tech support and no help..AS usual.

They told me that it was on their servers so its not his deal. BUt this only started to happen when i just got my modem. SO whats the deal? any comments?
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Are you using outlook express or the web email. If you are have the problem using outlook express there is really not much I can tell you to fix it. Hotmail and Outlook EX. compatabilty suck even thought they are made my M$. If you can at least get your email all the time you are one up on me. Some thime my hotmail works some time it does not and there is no ryme or reason to it.
If it is on your cable modem providers side try going to your outlook express > tools > accounts > cable modem providers mail account > servers

and try checking to see if you need to enable My server requires authenticition

Also who is the cable modem provider?

Please don't double post the same problem it only confuses people and you end up getting almost identical responses from different people in both threads anyway. :D

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