In this tutorial, I will try my best to walk you through basic cable management.

What you will need:
  • Zip-Ties
  • Zip-Tie Mounts
  • Scissors or other preferred cutting device
  • Patience
This is not part of the tutorial and if you don't know what you're doing you can damage your Power Supply Unit (PSU). That being said I uni-sleeved my 4pin, 6pin PCIE, and 24pin ATX cables. Now, if you plan on doing this I will show you how to remove the pins with 2 staples. First if you plan on sleeving the full cable you will need to open up your PSU (note: this will void your warranty)

Fig. 1

Then you will move on to the pins; these can easily be removed with 2 staples like so.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Sleeve one cable at a time, and use tape to cover the metal connector so it does not get stuck in the sleeving. Get your favorite heat shrink, heat it, and repeat. This takes a ton of patience and a lot of time; it takes about 8 hours to do it all.

Now on the the actual cable management.

Here is what I use:

Zip-Ties X 100

Fig. 4

Zip-Tie Mounts X 10

Fig. 5

First things first, plan out how you want to route your cables before you dive right in. What I like to do is do all the base cables first, e.g fans, sata hdds, sata drives, cathodes, molex connectors, ... basically anything that's not connected to the power supply itself.

Fig. 6

As you can see, I have all my sata cables hooked up and routed out of the way. Hint: do all your non-power supply cables on the bottom layer, so if you have to replace your power supply you don't have to disconnect everything.

Next, I like to do the 4/8pin Motherboard connector and Zip-Tie it down to a mount near the hole at the top of the case.

Fig. 7

Then, I connect the 24pin ATX cable. Note: this cable is thick; don't stack cables on top of it or your back panel won't fit back on.

Fig. 8

Now you have all the main cables out of the way, it's time to connect the PCIE, HDDs, and Drives up. Use Zip-Tie mounts to mount the cables snug to the case; remember not to stack cables on top of the 24pin.

Fig. 9

This should be your last step if you have not already hooked up your fans. I save this step for last because I'm always changing fans and stuff like that.

Fig. 10

You should now be finished, so go back and check to make sure everything is snug and not showing from the front. Finish up any last minute adjustments before you put the back panel back on. Make sure to snip all the Zip-Ties as you don't want to see them through the cable management holes.

Fig. 11

The finished product:

Fig. 12

Make sure everything is plugged in and Power That Baby Up!

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