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Cable>Cable Modem>NetgearDG834G>PC?

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Today i had Telewest Broadband installed, i can connect to the web but i want to use my router to let my ps2 and pda online, the engineer that came to my house told me that connecting the cable modem to my router would work, how do i go about setting them up?

Cable modem is: Motorola SUFRboard SB5101E
Router is: Netgear DG834G
PC is: Running XP Home


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I can't even begin to know why the dimwit engineer told you that the router won't work. That router should work right out of the box with factory defaults on your account.

Did you even read my post?

I have a Cable modem and an ADSL Router!

The engineer told me that connecting the cable modem he gave me to my router through the ethernet port would work, but it doesnt.

Does anyone know of any good cable modem routers with wifi?
Looks like your Netgear router will not work as it does not have a Ethernet WAN port. You really do not want an integrated Cable Modem/Router.

You should get a standard wireless router and connect it to you cable modem.

Something like the Linksys WRT54g is a pretty good option. Other vendors also offer reasonable products. I would not spend more than about $50 and if you did around and are willing to settle for a WirelessB router, usually you can get them with mail in rebates for $5 or under!

Easy way to set up new router:

Power everything off, cable modem, pc, router,

Connect router WAN port to cable modem, connect PC to LAN port.

Power up cable modem, wait 3 minutes, power up router, wait 3 minutes, power up PC and see if you have a connection.

You will probably need to enable the wireless on the router.

Change the SSID and enable some form of encryption to protect yourself and your network.

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You didn't mention it was an ADSL/router combination, sorry I misled you. OTOH, more complete information usually gets better answers.
Thanks JamesO

Whats wrong with Cable modem/routers?

Are there any other good routers i can use like the Linksys WRT54g?

Don't worry johnwill its ok
Problem with combined modem/routers in my mind are the following:

1. Standards changes may make hardware incompatible. You loose your router when the cable company changes things!
2. More expensive if one parts dies, you need to replace 2 items
3. If you change your type of ISP, you may not be able to re-use the device, example: change from Cable to DSL/FIOS
4. Twice as many firmware issues in one box
5. Limits network flexibility.
6. Many other reasons, will not continue!!

As for the router, many types available. With wireless routers, I like units with 2 removable antennas for maximum flexibility.

Linksys has been good to me, others will say differently, but now that Cisco has bought them out, their current products are much better from what I can tell. Also you can get open source firmware for some of the Linksys routers which give you even more flexiblity if needed.

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