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.cab file errors

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I just built this PC and from looking in the forum, I am not the only one having this problem. I have tried to install EQ repeatedly. I repeatedly got error messages that various files did not match the .cab file in the setup program. Then it stopped doing this and now I'm getting installerconfig errors on the 2nd disk. I have never run into these issue before and I'm pulling my hair out with frustration.
These are my specs:

AMD XP 2900+
MSI KT880 Delta
1 gig Mushkin DDR400
ATI Radeon 9550 256mb
Windows XP Home

I have not run memtest yet but will do so tonight.
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yes, took care of all of that and sp2 was included with the Windows XP version I installed. I haven't had problems getting anything else to intall but I haven't installed anything of this size yet either. There is absolutely no damage to the discs and the drive is working fine.
I have another one that I'm going to swap it out with tonight also.
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