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"c:\is not accessible" from safe mode it is no problem

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From the start menu, all programs is empty, I tried to click drive C from MY Computer, but came this "C:\ is not accessible. ...because it is being used by another process"

I run the 'safe mode' of windows (F8), I can see all the folders, file and programs from drive C, but from normal windows start I can not see anything.

I tried to scan for viruses using Kaspersky, but the drive C have nothing (folders or files) at all.

I installed spyware doctor, no threads.

I tried to run start--->setting--->control panel--->add&remove program,
this came out :

"windows cannot access the specified devices, path, or files. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item"

The system Restore status is turned off, so I cannot use the system restore.

Please help me...
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Hmm could you try "Unlocking" the drive using "Unlocker"... well actually try seeing if it find's anything holding it up? Sorry i think you may have done this with spyware doctor but i haven't used spyware doctor so i don't know....

Still it could be a process holding up C... but i don't see why it would be a problem if ther was...

Other things to try would be (and this is very experimental) but either:

-Create a new user[with admin privelages]
-start in safe mode and use the Administrator user

To see if the add or remove programs thing decides to work...

Can you link this with an event ? how long has it been happening?

If you think it's malware related you could post in the hijackthis log help forum

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yeah chkdsk sounds like a good idea too, although the fact that the os is loading (i'm assuming that it's also on C) means that the disk would be fine... but it cant hurt to try
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