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C: and D: drives--switching?

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I have an older Sony Vaio computer. right now its used for everything (home computer) ie music, net, reports etc..
we got a seperate computer for the kids to use for music and everything and are dedicating the sony to work..but i'm sure it will still see some music etc.

The problem is from the factory it has two hard disks, C: and D:. C: being the default drive, is only 15GB, D is near 60GB. C: is constantly at ~20% free space (often much less) and D: ~75-80%. I am planning a formatting over the christmas break, just wondering if theres any way to make a switch so the larger drive is default.
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It may be just one harddrive just partitioned into 2, i,e c and d drives.
And if not the answer is yes, you can make the larger drive your

Forgot to mention, if the drive is split into two partitions, you can fdisk
and combine the whole drive into one.
how would i go upon determining partitioned or seperate? IF spereate how do i make the switch?
You will need to format, when launching the xp install cd you just have
to point it to the bigger drive.
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