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Buzzing and choppiness

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I use my laptop daily for gaming and never really have any true issues with it. I took my computer to my brothers house and got some gaming in before coming back home. Once i got home and rebooted my computer i notices approximently every 30sec - 1min the computer would make a buzzing sound and the video or game i was playing would get choppy for the amount of time the computer was buzzing. This problem occurs even when I mute the sound i can see the game/video chopping up, but the buzzing does seem to coincide with the choppiness.

I have an HP dv7-1223nr, it is running Win7 Home Premium 32bit

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the sound drivers and checked that the video drivers are up to date. I also surfed around the internet playing different sounds and videos to see if it would happen and yes it does it outside of the video games, same exact problem.

I don't remember this problem happening last night and once we finished gaming I shut it down, unplugged it and put it back in the case. No real drops or anything like that. Thank you for your time.
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What kind of buzzing? It is obviously caused by electrical interference (as it goes away when you mute the sound), so that rules out a faulty fan/hard drive.

What are your temperatures like during gaming?
How old is your laptop, has it any warranty?

Around 90% of buzzing noises are caused by an imminent failure of the screen inverter. Most inverters fail to just a black screen, dim screen or flashing screen. The problem you have is the inverter has an internal fault which is causing the laptops power to surge or dip causing the choppiness you see.

Your inverter is behind the middle bottom of your screen surround, does the buzzing come from here?

I have attached a link to your service manual which shows you where to find the inverter.

Service Manual
I am not sure about the temps when I am gaming I know that it can get pretty warm sometimes. I don't really know how to check this to answer either.

I have have this computer a little over a year so no warranty.

The buzzing is coming from the speakers for sure i notice it so well because it cuts my sound out (The buzzing will follow the sounds that come out...ex. When windows boots up the chime that plays will have buzzing sounds in parts of it rather that playing a clean sound). It also directly corresponds with the choppiness i experience in the video/game i am playing.
Also i forgot, i borrowed a copy of PC Doctor v.7 from a friend and i am about to run a full diagnostic if you guys are interested in the results please let me know and i will try my best to post them.
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