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Buying a Server

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I was wondering what is the cheapest server i can buy that would run my webpage decently(thats probably not a word) and once i have that what else do i need?
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That's obviously going to depend on how much traffic you expect, and the speed of the link to your server. Since most people have at most a few hundred k/bytes of bandwidth to their systems, almost any computer will handle that amount of activity. A bigger question is what kind of reliability are you going to be looking for, i.e. is this going to be running a business?
you get what you pay is as cheap does...John is on the money...alsof what O/S are you going to run

Apache, Solaris, NT, Novell 6...each has its own basic requirements and cost...

is it a personal website...the get a free host like geo citys by yahoo... they advertise on your site but it is free...

If it is a going into it with the wrong mentality already...spend money on the equitment and it will retun on the investment with proformance...

Go to dell see what the offer...use thier the cheapest you can afford on thier site....this way your good for atleast a year... with service and support

Starting at $499
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