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Buying a Nvidia 9800GX2

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Im about to buy a 9800GX2 from an online company that sells different brands.
Can someone tell me which is the better brand out of:
Inno3D ($769)
Gigabyte ($750)
EVGA ($715)
Leadtek ($699)
I was going to go for the cheapest as all the cards are identical. But the cheapest has a 1 year warranty where as Gigabyte has a 2 year warranty...
Which one arrgg.....
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I highly recommend Leadtek cards because in all my experience, I've only ever heard of their cards breaking once. The Gigabyte and eVGA should be of pretty decent quality as well, I'd stay away from Inno3D though.
Thanks for the input Underclocker.
I think im going to go with the Gigabyte because i have a Gigabyte M/B with a PCI-E x16 and not a PCI-E 2.0.
Gigabyte have tested this card in a PCI-E 1.0 Gigabyte M/B and its compatible. They cannot vouch for any other brand. So my choice is gigabyte.
I would rather spend $750 knowing that the card will work than spend $699 with the off chance it doesn't.
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