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Buying a laptop - £500 - Gaming :S

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Buying a laptop - £500 - Gaming :S

Hi. Over the next 1-2 months I will choosing a laptop for my birthday (Hooray!:laugh:). I am looking for one with a price tag around £500, but this is can go a little under or over, but at the same time getting a good price for it. The problem is, not that I will just be doing schoolwork, but gaming at the same time. I know that this can be hard because firstly, there's not really a thing called gaming laptop, and when there are, they can be expensive.

Well, I've been looking at these laptops. I want near these specs on the laptop
  • 2-3GB of RAM
  • A stable video card (256gb at least) This is a must for gaming. I know it can be hard to find laptops with good video cards, for this price.
  • Able to read dvds(obviously)
  • Dual core processor or duo (can't tell the difference)
  • Wireless
  • At least 120gb of storage space
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Larger screen if possible

  • I will not multi-task that much. Speaking of which, is a dual-core needed?
  • I will be running music, although good sound cards do not matter
  • I will be running games like Warcraft III, most of the time.
  • I do like to buy from brands I know well (e.g. Dell, Fujitsu, Acer :D) Is samsung a good make?
  • A good battery that could last at least 2 hours would be fine, although, it's not a big issue at all
  • I'm used to a 1024x1280 screen, so anything close to that would suit me well.

Might be a bit picky but you get a medal if you can find a laptop like that. I live in England as well so keep that in mind.
These are some of the laptops I've been looking through:,4294953475,49340000,49010000,15,50220000,49010000,15,49340000,4294953475,4294952878,50220000,49010000,15&InMerch=1

The 'Acer AS5920G Gemstone Core2Duo 2GB 250GB HD-DVD VistaHomePremium' is probably my best pick at the moment, but I also like the 'Fujitsu Siemens Amilo P Pa2548 Athlon X2 TL-60 3GB 320GB DVDRW Vista Home Premium' laptop as well. Looks like a good price.

A real thanks to anyone who can help me with this. :grin: Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum. I couldn't see a buying a laptop section.
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