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Burned CD Static...

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Ok...I'm don't know much about CD burnig at all.

In fact I just finished my first CD ever.

I'm using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.

I'm trying to make a complimation CD of about six differ discs.

Anyway I converted them to wav files?

First off is that a good approach?

Secondly when I play the wav's there is no static sound.

However when I burned them on the CD-R 80 Maxell's there's a good bit of static.

What am I doing wrong that is causing that?

Thanks for your help...
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If I'm not mistaken Roxio 5 converts MP3's to .wav by itself, it may be just wasted energy to convert them yourself. As for the static, that can be caused by alot of things. I'd try letting Roxio convert it for you, and if possible make sure it's the only program that is using CPU cycles. So basically quit everything you can, and see what happens. I hope this helps :)
This is intresting... I had the same thing happen to me a few times when using EZ CD Crapola. Now I KNOW it is the software that caused it. Anyway... I dont use that crap anymore. I use Nero for the last year and a half. All audio cd's turn out great!

So what Im saying, is try Nero.
Thanks for the help.

I will try both ways..first making sure all other programs are not running.

Secondly how do I go about getting Nero?

Do I have to buy it or go to a Web site and download it. Like I said I don't know much about computers

Thanks for the help again...
Well to get Nero, you can download it from HERE!

Its about 12mb, you can try the demo. It really is worth it.
I talked with a few friends about this and they said it may be the Maxell CD-Rs.

They mentioned they know some people who have had problems with Maxell.

I think I'll try some other brand.

Any suggestions?

Ya, those are bad for audio. try Fuji, Sony, or TDK
Well it turns out it was the Maxell CDs.

I bought a pack of Memorex and they're clear as the proverbial bell.

Glad to know it wasn't anything with Roxio.

Thanks for all your suggestions.
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