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building my first pc

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I recently took the big decision to build my own PC

I have decided on an MSI K8N Neo4-F MOBO and a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU

Next step is to get memory. I want to start with 1 GB, but I also want
to be able to upgrade to 2 or 4 GB without having to throw out the first
GB. I have read the specs for the MOBO and I think the best option is
to go with one 1GB stick of DDR400 single sided memory.
Anyone have any suggestions on what to get?? The problem is that I'm
looking at memory at tigerdirect, but none of the specs tells me if
the memory is single or double sided. How do I tell?

Thanks in advance
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Welcome to TSF:

Use the memory compatibility selectors from the Crucial, OCZ and Corsair websites / you cant go wrong they will have suggestions that have been tested with YOUR motherboard.

Bare in mind : not many motherboards handles four slots full with 4 gigs of memory / I personally would not exceed two one gig sticks as the best performance vs real useability ( i dont realy believe anyone can show me a tru need or ability to use 4 gigs of ram )


Sure, 4 instances of PS7. :tongue:

If you're using a Socket 754 A64 chip then you'll want to stick with single sided. The design of the 754 chips prevents PC3200 sticks from working together if they are dual-sided. I was able to get a BIOS update that allowed for it, but it's usually easier to just avoid it all together if you can.
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