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Building my first PC, need general advice

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So far this is what I've come up with

Case - NZXT Apollo

Cooling - 1 extra 120mm fan (case comes with 2)

PSU - Sunbeam PSU-HUSH680-US-BL 680W ATX 12V 2.0

Mobo - ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI ATX Intel

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Dual-Core Processor, 3.0 GHz, 6M L2 Cache, 1333MHz FSB, LGA775

Heatsink - Cooler Master RR-CCH-ANU2-GP Gemin II Dual 120mm Fans CPU & Motherboard Cooler

RAM - 4gb (4x1gb) G.SKILL 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ

GPU - 2x eVGA e-GeForce 9600 GT SUPERCLOCKED 512MB DDR3 PCI-E 2.0

Sound - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE

HDD - Western Digital WD3200KSRTL Caviar 320 GB SATA 3.5-Inch Hard Drive

Most importantly, is this fully compatible? Also, I've heard fitting cards in cases is sometimes a problem, will it be a problem with the Apollo? Also, on the Windows Vista site it talks about needing a 64bit compatible mobo for 64bit Vista, how can I find that out?

any suggestions are welcome regarding anything else. I would be willing to spend a teeny bit more, but this is mostly as expensive as I want to get. If this is the build I'm going with, I will be getting about a 3rd of the parts from newegg and the rest from amazon (I live in alaska and amazon's free shipping really makes a difference, newegg's shipping to alaska sucks).

It comes out to roughly 1000-1100 dollers, not including keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

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Hi Jinxman!!

This is the build I'm going with next week:

I will submit a new thread with (hopefully) pictures and details of how it went (assuming nothing is doa) :D
I'd stay away from that PSU...heck, I'm not a fan of much of anything made by sunbeam. Take a look at this one...

There's a review stating that (s)he was able to get a 8800gt in the case, so the 9600 should fit fine, but read more reviews on the case to see if anyone had any problems.

Might want to look at 2x2gb memory packages...I have posted a gskill example below b/c you picked that in your original post.
thanks for the help so far, I didn't know jack about PSU's so thats good to know. I was surprised to see the 2gb sticks so cheap, now i can upgrade to 8gb later, so cool.
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