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Building MicroATX Desktop - Compatibility Help Needed

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I've built about a dozen desktops, but my nerves always
start to tingle right before I order a long list of components.
I know enough about component compatibility to make
good choices, but I always feel better when someone says
something like, "they all look good, go ahead and place the

This time I'm building a very basic desktop for my dad. He
doesn't use the internet. I keep repairing a power hogging
Windows 98 desktop for him. A MicroATX desktop with
Word and Excel is all he needs. I don't want to buy a used
PC. For less than $600.00 I can put together a new
package that I know he'll be happy with.

NewEgg has everything I need. Please take a look at the
motherboard, processor, and RAM I've selected. I'm 99.9%
sure they're compatible, but I need that affirmative pat
on the back.

Thanks guys.
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Those look okay, though I would go with more can easily find 2gb for 40 bucks.

I would recommend you look at the list I put below...the components are pretty decent, and it's cheap. I left out a case, but everything else tallies up to $332 plus about 15 shipping to where I'm at. That should leave you plenty for a (cheap) case of your choice and a cheap monitor.

It should also be fairly efficient...but if you want (marginally) better efficiency, go for one of the gigabyte boards.







Again, just a thought...trying to stretch the dollars...
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Thank you patriothntr. Your selections look good to me.

You may not believe what I'm about to say, but I'll tell you
why I chose less RAM instead of more, etc.

After WWII, my dad became a very talented design engineer.
He would sit at huge drafting boards designing chemical
factories and nuclear power plants. There were no computers,
pocket calculators, etc. He used a slide rule. (If you don't know
what a "slide rule" is, Google it.)

When desktop computers became powerful enough to run
software like AutoCad, my dad could not adjust. To him,
the PC was some kind of thoughtless monster.

Today, he uses a computer like those word processing machines
from the 1970's. He likes to pretend that there is no operating

I decided my dad had to have a new desktop, before the old
one burst into flames! The amount of RAM or the speed of the
processor really doesn't matter. 1 gig of memory is more than
enough. He spends hours each day typing letters with Word
or creating charts with Excel. In other words, there is no
demand on any of the system resources.

My latest desktop has 4 gigs of RAM. I wish it had more! For
my dad, 128 megs, which is what he has in his old Gateway, is
just fine.
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I can completely understand folks with very basic computer needs...I just figure that if 2gb costs as much as 1, there might be a chance in the future of being able to use the extra power.

In your case, maybe just go with cheaper DDR2 667 memory?
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