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Building a new computer/Recomendations?

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Hello, I'm new to this forum, and would like some advice. I am in the process of trying to figure out what type of CPU to use. I guess I will get a mobo that uses DDR memory right? I figured a power supply of 350 Watts??Which is better to get an Intel or an AMD? Any suggestions or insight would be very much apreciated. This will be my first computer built from scratch..I am not too familair with setting up the bios and stuff. I am on a Mac right now, but I am familiar with Windows 98SE I use it on Virtual PC.
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Many people will argue on which is better AMD or Intel. This is just my opion, but AMD is starting to slack a little. I still like to use them in home machines due to the price. I have taken a liking to the new Intel chips though. And I've always loved the Intel Xeon chips for servers.

As for motherboards. I still like Asus. Some people are saying they are starting to slip a little too. I haven't had a chance to work with a new one recently. They do cost more.

Video cards. Love ATI. Great cards. The 8500 is still a great card. I wish I had one.

Sound Cards. Creative Labs Audigy. Enough said. Best card on the market.

Does this help? I'm not sure on what type of system you are putting together though. If you could tell us if it will be a gaming system, work system (word, e-mail, etc..) or what the use of the computer will be, I'm sure the users here will be more then glad to give you recomendations.

Also, welcome to the forums.
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Welcome to Tech Support Forums Shaft02..................:D
thanks for the replies. I guess the computer will be for homeuse and gaming. Email, internet, newsgroups. I have a cable internet connection so i need to take advantage of that large bandwidth. I'm not a hard core gamer, but i do like to play first person shooter games. Quake, UT, etc. I also want to have TV functionality, so i quess i will either need two different video cards or an all in one ?
I belong to a few different message forums, so i want it to be able to handle large threads at times and not lag making me wait for the thread to load.
I dont want much huh?;)
I used to be an avid AMD person but I had some problems with the later chip and software getting weird errors. After doing some research I discovered that no one test thier product using an amd chip they all use intel so I would go for the chip that the world mainly uses.
Is there also a cooling problem with the AMD chips? I know the intel chips are more money but what would concern me more than the amount of money would be a temperature problem. Are they hard to keep cool?
Also I know I'm asking a lo tof questions , is it hard to set up the bios on these computers? What is involved in that?
I must be lucky, because I'm running an Asus A7V coupled with a Thunderbird 1.1 Ghz, 256 MB of PC133, and a total of 3 fans not including the cpu fan, and my CPU is idling at like 40 C and under max load for a long time it hits like 50 so I don't know about heat issues, but go with what you can afford. If you can I'd wait like a month to buy the CPU and motherboard. There is rumor of a new Intel and AMd chip coming out, which will knock down prices on the other ones not to mention expand your options. So go with your Hard Drive, video card, sound card, Monitor, and then look around for the rest. Thats just my opinion. Oh and go with a good case... and are good places to check, although they aren't the cheapest they have the best selection I've seen. So look around there find something you like, then go deal hunting.
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Yup...Val is right (as always :tongue2: )As of september intels will dropping...but AMD I am sure will follow suit so the only reason to wait is to save money...if youu can wait the month for a new system that is

read it here:,aid,102989,tk,dn072302X,00.asp
My sincere thanks to all of you. Yes i will wait, i think in the mean time i will find a case. There is a website that has some good prices, is there one brand or the other that shines above and beyond the rest or is it just like the rest try to get the best deal. Are there any air circulation issues?
Directron does good stuff, and unless you want to spend 100+ on them there isn't much difference unless the description says so.... Feel free to step in anyone.. I did notice alot of cases on had some good circulation options.... especially the Zeus.... top mounted blow hole, that plastic thing that forces all the hot air from the cpu out the back of the case... stuff like that... but directron is a good place to get your stuff... just make sure you are VERY descriptive with shipping, and your address has EVERY thing. I put 3016 instead of 3106 even though there is only 1 Azalea and my Voodoo went back to them before they reshipped it to my address....
Does everyone know that the gateway accessory store has a free shipping option on any order over 99 bukcs. That includes monitors! heres the url

They have some good deals on stuff.
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