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Two days ago I posted about upgrading my CPU and Power supply and after thorough checking, I decided that its not worth it and build a new rig from scratch but I am a newbie at building a whole thing. I wanted to build a good media/ casual-moderate gaming computer that lasts for a while but tweaks in the borderline outdated future.

1. Budget: Not being an A-hole but Im not gonna save money altogether and if I do, I wouldn't be posting this. I am going to purchase one part at a time or two every two weeks, but not spending over $250 USD and willing to bargain hunt for good deals. So grand total at least $1200 or less (lot less) lol.

2. Brands: Always like nvidia and AMD, but not ATI. Kept hearing bad crap about em. I would try out Intel if its worth it

3. Multitasking: I am a very heavy web surfer, watched lots of shows and movies, and on/off of music. So im more media type

4. Gaming: Casual/Moderate. Played alot of Valve games (left4dead is the reason i wanna build one :normal:) GTA series, and games from EA maxis (mainly simcity)

5. Calculations: Not really what that meant so no.

6. Overclocking: Don't know how and if i do, not gonna risk busting those capacitors like my 2nd cpu.

7. Storage: 500GB-1TB (if theres really a good deal) only for storing games and large programs. media files and personal junk i have my external for that.

8. Legacy Support: I still use ps/2 for keyboard and mouse but i will rely heavy on USB

9. Operating System: Already have XP CD

10. Case: HP pavilion size or slightly bigger to fit properly.

11. Accessories: no

12. Recycled Components: keyboard and mouse and speakers

13. Monitor: already have a 27 inch LCD

14. Stores: Micro Center, Ebay, kept hearing about goodegg. If theres GOOD bargains ill try em out.

15. Location: Midwestern United States

If you need any more questions ill will answer away if i can.

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