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build website

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hi all

iam student and i wanna make project, website contain

membership and payment

example: ,

what courses i should take to build this website?!!!
(database or java or... please help)

iam now certified on MCSA.
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First and foremost you need to learn HTML. WIthout that the web isn't the web. Most schools and colleges teach it in their Multimedia classes.
Well first of all you need to learn the basis which would be HTML. Without HTML there's no point in making a site.
Secondly, your going to have to learn a programming lnguage to make a members section and guest etc. You can do that either using PHP or ASP. I prefer PHP but whatever suits you best :smile:

Javascript used to enhance your website. So I would suggest for you to learn that aswell but remember to do HTML first.

Have a fun and computing day,
Grove :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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